The gift in creating an altar for spring.
Our modern world can take a tax on our bodies… Leaving many overstimulated, yet unsatisfied. Energetically, Spring offers newness. It is palpable, and the potential is thrilling.Creating a Spring-altar provides a tangible way of harnessing that “new”. There are no...
The Relationship Between Scent and Emotion
Fragrance is medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is very little difference between spices, perfumes, herbs, and incense. Fragrance contains the essence of the plant and can activate the mind and body in powerful ways. When using a plant’s essential...
5 Tips to Awaken Your Sexual Energy with Chinese Medicine
1. Polarity - Engage and feed the magnetic poles that draw us together. A playful tension is created in opposition and allowing this free flowing movement during sex merges the two into one. Yin and Yang are not separate, the are on...
10 minute Breast Self-Massage
Massage has been a tool used for healing and to maintaining health in Taiwan and in Asia in general for centuries. In general, massage helps to move stuck Qi and promote the flow of Blood through the tissues. Healthy Qi...
Spring Greens for Breast Health!
There are a few channels in Chinese medicine that travel through the breast. The one that tends to effect breast health the most is the Liver channel.
Discover the Healing Power of Orgasms
Orgasms open the door to knowing our deepest selves. They give us the opportunity to surrender.  It is rare that we find time in our high pressured, accomplishment driven lives to completely let go. When we stop controlling our outer world we can start receiving. The act of receiving is a Yin quality, it is very regenerative.
Want to Sail Through Menopause with Ease?
As women, how we take care of ourselves physically and emotionally during the decade leading up to menopause, called peri-menopause, greatly determines how we will experience the menopausal transition.
Awaken Your Libido Through the Neck.
Libido Vita brings together ancient Chinese medicinal herbs that when alchemically combined awaken the heart, activate the libido, and encourage a powerful sense of wellbeing.
Fall is the Season When We are Naturally Meant to Let Go.
During the season of the lung we are given a special window to heal the skin. When the skin is healthy there is a radiance.
Spring is Liver Season - Detox, Exfoliate, Rejuvenate!
It is spring and time to emerge! This is the natural time of year when we want to expand. We don’t want to carry any old baggage on our new adventures. Harness the natural energy of this season to detox. ...
Winter is a Powerful Time to Boost Your Libido!
Winter is Kidney season which means it is the time of year when we need to protect this energy so that it isn’t further damaged, but it also means this is the perfect time when treatments can be more effective....