Summer Solstice: A day for cultivating love and passion!

Summer Solstice: A day for cultivating love and passion!

Summer Solstice is an important day for generating love and health in Chinese medicine. Yang is expansive and this is the most expansive day of the year!

Today, June 21st marks the most Yang day of the year. We are constantly navigating the balance of Yin and Yang energies. Yin is the energy of receiving, passivity, relaxation, sleep, cold, and darkness. Yang, is the energy of activity, wakefulness, heat, and light. Yin energy is strongest at midnight and Yang energy is most potent at midday.

Everything in the universe contains the energy of Yin and Yang. 

Listening to a friend is Yin energy, the act of speaking is a Yang quality. Yin energy is associated with “female” and Yang with “male.”  However both female and male identifying people contain Yin and Yan energy. And just like the seasons our Yin and Yang energy changes throughout the day and our lifetime. 


How to harness the Yang energy today?

Be active. Engage with the world, nature, your ideas, dreams, friends, and family. Yang energy seeks to engage with the world and celebrate life.

In Chinese Medicine the fire element (associated with the season of summer and Yang energy) is connected to the heart. Fire is our source of joy and passion. It invites the feeling of love within us. Sharing time together with loved ones stokes the fire element, bringing great joy to all parts of your being.


Foods to favor during the Summer Solstice and summer in general:

-Eat foods that are in season

-Green tea and chrysanthemum tea help to cool your body down and keep your from overheating. They help to alleviate summertime insomnia or irritability.

-Watermelon is cooling and nourishes the heart. We are accustomed to eating the red flesh but the rind has the most potent healing properties when you feel overheated. If you happen to have a watermelon with seeds you can first dry them and the make a tea by boiling them for 10 minutes that will help lower high blood pressure. 

-Cucumber can clear heat and toxins. They are at their best during the hottest days of summer. They are 95% water and can replenish the water we have lost during the dehydrating heat of summer. Blending up a cucumber with water can be an enjoyable way to enjoy it as a drink. Try adding a squeeze of lemon or spring of mint!

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