Simple Breast Health Tips!

Simple Breast Health Tips!

There are six Chinese medicine meridians that flow through the breast area influencing the health of the breast.

The Liver channel ends below each breast with offshoots circling the breast. You can see how when this channel is out of balance it directly affects breast health. In general, when you have PMS breast pain it most likely will be along this route, especially to the outer side closer to the armpit.

When the stagnant channel is released through the starting of your period symptoms tend to subside. Other symptoms of Liver channel imbalance are irritability, bitter taste in the mouth, rib pain or tightness.

The liver wants to move freely. You can help it by eating bitter foods like mustard greens, kale, or a little glass of apple cider vinegar (1 tsp) with warm water to help it release. Go for a walk. Find a way to let your emotions out, don’t let them stagnant.

The Pericardium is all about self-love and relationships. It’s the Protector of the Heart (the Heart is the Empress/Emperor) and associated with the element of Fire, the Pericardium has the unique gift of linking the physical and emotional aspects of sex, it rules our relationships and the emotional issues around them.

The Pericardium energy protects us from the damaging effects of extreme emotional outbursts which are powerful disruptors of balance. The channel begin in the chest making its way down the arm ending at the tip of the middle finger. 

When in balance we feel joy, we communicate easily, feel compassion, self-expression, and more warmth in our relationships. When out of balance we can feel guarded, overly controlling, fear of intimacy, depression, insomnia and vertigo. 

Favor foods like beet, persimmon, raspberries, rose, pomegranate, chiles, bitter melon. Being a Fire element it is important to stay hydrated. Take time to play and tap into your passion and let the inner knowing of your heart lead you forward.

The Ren channel runs up the center of the body from the perineum to below the lower lip. Also called the Conception Vessel and the Sea of Yin, it is a very important meridian for both female and male fertility. When in balance you feel healthy in your ability to both give and receive.

This vital meridian helps regulate the uterus (fertility, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause), the libido, digestive tract issues, and the fluids of the body. Keeping the lower abdomen warm and nourished by warm orange and red foods especially during winter is a key to feeling energized, menstrual ease, smooth digestion, fertility, and a glowing face.

A balanced Stomach channel in Chinese medicine helps you process stress, extract clean nutrients from your food, plump breast tissue, a rosy complexion, and healthy muscle tone. The stomach is the“Sea of Nourishment” and governed by the Earth element. The channel begins below the center of each eye (we salivate when we see something delicious) and ends at the tip of the second toe. 

When the Stomach channel is out of balance we can experience: dry lips, dull skin tone, toothache, abdominal pain, jaw tension, poor circulation, anxiety, and excessive worry. 

The Stomach channel is most active from 7:00-9:00 am, it’s a good time to fuel up for the day. Foods that help rebalance are: millet, apples, figs, papaya, corn, all squash, shiitake mushrooms, salmon, almonds. In general foods that are orange or are root vegetables.

The Kidney channel and kidneys are considered to be the foundation of our life. This system also controls the health of our sexual and reproductive functions which is a major indicator or health and longevity. Kidney essence is consumed by the simple act of aging but we can slow it down by living wisely. Taking time to pause and reconnect with ourselves.

When our Kidney energy is full our backs and knees are strong, our memory is clear, libidos strong, and our hair dark. We are gentle with ourselves and others. When out of balance fear and loneliness take a grip. We can slip into a state of excessive-compulsive working habits. Our skin is dry and we experience excessive day or nighttime urination.

Our kidneys love black foods such as black sesame seeds, duck, black beans, seaweeds, or chicken egg, and oysters.

The Spleen channel runs through the outer side of the breast. When in balance we feel the positive psycho-emotional attributes of trust, honesty, and openness. When out of balance worry, excessive thinking, regret, and self-doubt take over. 

For women, when the Spleen (not the same as the Spleen in Western medicine) is healthy our muscles are tone, our lips are reddish and moist, our breast tissue plump and we have plenty of energy. When deficient we can not create enough or hold blood properly and our periods can come too early, last too long, or spotting occurs. Our breasts can feel heavy with premenstrual swelling.

Our Spleen loves sweet potatoes, pumpkin, oats, miso, and ginger. It is weakened by cold foods.


Food is medicine and for those times when you need to dive deeper herbs are incredible effective. Rejuvenating Breast Oil was first. developed when I was suffering from mastitis 22 years ago. It has since developed into an even more powerful and broadly reaching formula that helps with anything related to the breast such as nodules, swelling, pain, post-surgery recovery, and help toxins leave the tissue.  



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