Face melting? Quick Tips

Face melting? Quick Tips

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and feel like your face is melting? 

Are there more creases around your mouth?

Sagging neck or jawline?

Bags under your eyes?

Do you look pale?



All of these are connected to a system within the body that is in charge of muscle tone and nutrient absorption. Exercise will help tone your muscles but only the ones you workout, therefore a lot of muscles are missed especially in the face! 
What can you do right now?
Avoid cold, raw, or fried food. This depletes the system in charge of muscles and takes energy away from absorbing nutrients. Minimal amounts are ok however try to avoid cold during the winter months. Eat less of these and within weeks you will wake up with a more refreshed and less puffy face. 
Drink: Ginger tea daily. Ginger is a warming spice and will help your body digest and tone muscles.
Winter squash 
Yams + Sweet potatoes
-Rub the inside or your big toes, the inner sides of your foot, around your ankles and up the inside of your calf. Find the tend spots and rub them more.
Face diagram of points coming soon!
If you tend to worry, explore ways that shift your mind from worrying to enjoying the present moment. Some ideas are: breathwork, dancing, taking a walk, engaging with an activity that inspires you!
Seek out someone specializing in Cosmetic Acupuncture that also includes acupuncture points on the body. These are essential when building up the system that tones the muscles!
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Supplement with formulas that support the skin and muscles. Choose ones that build Qi and blood and you will see a change!
Skin Glow, an award winning formula, works quickly and contains the following powerful herbs:
Dang Gui which helps to build blood and increase circulation. It boosts the system in charge of muscle tone!
Gui Zhi helps sagging muscles and weak digestion.
Huang Qi is an important herb for facial rejuvenation. It provides the boost in energy the gives the muscles the ability to strengthen and hold their shape. Increases digestive function.
Autumn is the skin time of year in Chinese medicine. This is when our skin is the most affected! This is a great time of year to create change!
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