Dr. Janine Mahon

A visionary in women’s self-care, Dr. Janine Mahon modernizes the healing powers of Chinese medicine for her clinical practice and collection of luxuriously restorative oils and elixirs formulated to help support a deeply-connected, intimate sense of wellbeing for people from adolescence through menopause.

Influenced by a childhood immersed in the redwood forests and coastal pathways of Northern California, Dr. Janine’s profound connection with nature and living off the land led her to travel the far corners of the world and immerse herself in the holistic practices of various cultures. During time spent in Taiwan, she resided with a family who gifted her with the wisdom and customs culled from generations of Chinese medical doctors in the areas of wellness, seasonal diet, and tradition. It was here that Dr. Janine acquired invaluable knowledge and mastered the properties and potency of herbs, along with their curative powers through strategic pairings.

These truly unique life experiences, coupled with a formal education in Oriental Medicine at the prestigious Southwest Acupuncture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the driving force behind Dr. Janine’s passion for the healing arts.  A nationally board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist (NCCAOM) and a licensed doctor of Chinese medicine in the state of New Mexico, she established her Albuquerque-based practice in 2015 to help other women awaken and nurture their inner life force (Qi), and realize their full potential of beauty and wellness from within. 

Dr. Janine’s first signature bottled product, Rejuvenating Breast Oil, was initially developed for a patient battling painful breast calcifications. Confident that other women would benefit from its ability to help soften dense fibrous tissue and create balance during menstrual cycles, she began hand-making small batches, initially sold at her practice.

Answering the calling to support women in other areas of imbalance, Dr. Janine has continued to develop other products formulated to help restore physical, mental, and emotional harmony and empower the body to function optimally.