Winter is a Powerful Time to Boost Your Libido!

Winter is a Powerful Time to Boost Your Libido!

Winter is Kidney season which means it is the time of year when we need to protect this energy so that it isn’t further damaged, but it also means this is the perfect time when treatments can be more effective.

The strength and potency of one’s libido can be connected to the strength of their Yang, specifically their Kidney Yang. Each meridian is a part of a system that connects with a season. One way to increase the potency of a treatment is to address the system in its corresponding season. The secondary system is the Spleen which helps us maintain our optimal balance between giving and receiving. The Spleen upholds the integrity of our being, both emotionally and physically.

When these two elements are in balance our libidos can flourish, but the passion may not ignite until we take care of the Heart. The Heart is connected to the emotion of joy. A healthy sexual desire indicates that this fire burns strong. This fire is what rises through the body as Yang and then releases through orgasm.
Our daily lives are filled with both beauty and exhaustion. Bringing together all the elements we experience, finding a balance, nurturing the areas that need to be replenished will awaken our libidos again. Our Libido Vita formula, when applied to the neck, sends powerful herbs through the meridians directly to the areas that feed our libidos. As well as ease anxiety and depression.
One key herb, Tian Men Dong (wild asparagus/Ophiopogon tuber) has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, prized as one of the most powerful tonics that treats our spirit. Its name Tian Men Dong is translated as Heaven’s Gate Winter. It has the power to clear away the heaviness that weighs our spirits down and expand towards heaven even in the coldest days of winter.

When these specific herbs are combined in exact ratios they create a unified formula that reconnects our heart with our mind.
By placing only 1-2 drops of Libido Vita on the tips of your fingers and running them behind the ears down the side of your neck you will open the gateway. Use it anytime and as often as desired.
We can boost our libido in the winter season by keeping our bodies warm by drinking plenty of fresh ginger tea, favoring cinnamon, cloves, walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, and bone broth that has been cooked for more than 24 hours will all give a great boost. Guard the warmth in your body by protecting the Wind Gate (upper back and neck) with a scarf and warm slippers on your feet.

Winter and kidney are also connected to salt and water. Submerging our bodies in a bath with 1-2 cups epsom salt will help send the heat deep into our bones and release our tensions. My favorite combo is 1-2 cups of Epsom salts with 2-3 tablespoons of powdered ginger. 
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