The gift in creating an altar for spring.

The gift in creating an altar for spring.

Our modern world can take a tax on our bodies… Leaving many overstimulated, yet unsatisfied. Energetically, Spring offers newness. It is palpable, and the potential is thrilling.Creating a Spring-altar provides a tangible way of harnessing that “new”. There are no boundaries to what an altar can be. The important thing is that it has meaning to you. We are complex creatures that have the ability to stimulate our inner world through visual material.

Just as we can support skin from the inside-out and outside-in, we can do the same with our spirit. I encourage you to find a spot in your home that can be observed from different perspectives. Think; kitchen counter, shelf, table, or even a place on the wall. Using a damp cloth with a drop of an essential oil, clean the space with intention and attention. A few fragrance suggestions would be lavender, pine, eucalyptus, or rosemary, as they all support new beginnings.

A solid foundation is crucial for a time of quick growth and high winds. Spring is all about expansion and budding life, however it is evermore important to maintain a grounding point. Is there a rock, crystal, or stone that brings you a sense of calm? Any object that is solid, has some weight to it, or is darker in color can serve as an anchor. For me this is an abalone shell from my hometown of Mendocino, CA. (Abalone is also an herb in Chinese medicine called She Jue Ming, it helps to release erratic energy!)

Now that you have chosen an anchor, gather something that will warm your heart. A heart that is full can expand to others. Feel this one in your gut. Where does your intuition guide you with the words “a smile from within”? Perhaps a photo that fosters feelings of tenderness, and warmth. A ribbon of smooth velvet, or a piece of jewelry that elicits memories of joy. A gripping novel or a love letter, something that reminds you of the beauty in the world. Famously, red speaks to the Heart. The palest of pinks to the most crimson of reds will feed the Heart Qi. For me this is a beautiful burgundy lipstick that always makes me feel like myself.

Now we honor our Shen, which can be translated roughly as mind, spirit, consciousness, vitality, or soul. Shen can be seen in the sparkle in the eyes. Is there something you associate with this energy? A symbol, a color or a scent that evokes a sense of the divine or a bright, optimistic feeling of support? The scent of white magnolia creates this for me. It is called Bai Yu Lan Ye in Chinese medicine and has been grown in temples in China for centuries. Its scent is mouth-watering and euphoric. This treasured herb is revered for its ability to assist us in our own transformation and brighten our Shen. While this is a key herb in my Libido Vita formula which goes on the body I also put a few drop on a rock in my altar.

Our final step (unless you are inspired to keep going!) is to honor the energy of Spring. What object represents quick expansive energy to you? Something that breaks through barriers and engages with life in a new way. Spring is the Liver time of year, connected to the element of wood, and a time of detox and expansion. I have chosen to include a bouquet of yellow lilies that I will enjoy watching as they burst through the soil into fragrant blooms in the coming days.

My hope is that this process has inspired you to explore new ways of working with the spirit, body, and mind by creating an altar, and a collection of objects that inspire self-love each time you catch a glimpse.

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