Spring Greens for Breast Health!

Spring Greens for Breast Health!

There are a few channels in Chinese medicine that travel through the breast. The one that tends to effect breast health the most is the Liver channel. While connect the physical organ it also represents a system within the body. 

The Liver is charge of the smooth flow of Qi and Blood throughout the body. When that flow has slowed down or is backed up we can easily become irritated! PMS symptoms, especially frustration and breast soreness on the outer sides of our breast appear. These symptoms tend to resolve once our periods start and there is flow. This is an indicator that there is some Liver stagnation in your body. 


Simple foods you can eat to calm your Liver and nourish your breasts are:

  • Bitter greens (kale, spinach, dandelion, and mustard greens)
  • Garlic, beets, grapefruit, celery
  • Start the day with warm water and lemon (easy and very effective)

One simple exercise that immediately helps:

  • Stand up, arms at your sides. Gently start twisting from side to side. Your arms will start to naturally pick up speed, one will gently hit your back while the other taps your front.
  • Do this once in awhile for 1 minutes. It will release tensions and awaken the organs. 


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