I interviewed my daughter...

I interviewed my daughter...

Before I made my formulas available to the public, or prescribed them in my clinic, I brewed them for personal use. Access to this means of wellness meant I could also support my family. A thoughtful and thorough cultivation of methods of wellness is something I aimed to instill in my daughter. Now twenty-two, and living abroad, I ask her…


How are your lifestyle decisions today influenced by your upbringing?

“I always think of my mom when I need my intuition most. At this age, everyone is discovering what foods and methods work for them. I remember my mom telling me to tap into my gut in moments of indecision. The wisdom my mom passed down to me is what guides my nutritional habits. Salmon for brain function, asparagus for energy, rice for a balanced metabolism… etc. This knowledge is so precious not only because it connects us, but it also gives me a sense of empowerment in my own life.” 


What does “taking care of your body” look like to you? In your perspective, what was influenced by childhood and what have you found on your own journey? 

“A balance of healthy eating, staying active, and indulging in laughter is what care looks like to me. However, the moment I feel an itch in the back of my throat, or the deep ache of a fever, I ask my mom. It wasn’t until I left the nest that I realized how amazingly my mother’s formulas gave me agency over illness. I so fondly remember the countless times my mom would bring tinctures and teas to my bedside. Now at 22, and living with my best-friend, we brew a few of the same herbs to bring to each other when the other is sick. It feels nice to carry that tradition in new way. 


When it comes to intimate wellness and menstrual health, what tools did you acquire during your time at home? 

“Conversations about the body were always happening in our home. I knew that when the day came, my mom would be my first point of info regarding all things period-related. Now as an adult, I still use the resources my mom showed me; Dang Gui for menstrual cramps, Mother of Pearl for skin, and Ginger-Lemon tea always!” 


When it comes to health and lifestyle, do you notice a variety of methods among your contemporaries?

“A lot of my friends try to live healthily. Some were raised with varying perspectives on food and medication, but I think we all agree that there are so many modes of healing and finding which work for you is the prize. That can look differently for everyone, but there are some habits I see people incorporate more often than not, like exercise and proper hydration. At this age, I think consistency is a goal we strive for, but sometimes miss. Myself, especially. However, a home-cooked meal in the era of delivery does go a long way.  


What is one thing about the way we lived that felt uncomfortable around your teenage friends that you appreciate (or have a different perspective on) now?

“I used to feel so self-conscious about our home smelling “different”. With herbs brewing, and so many plants, it always smelled strongly of what I now know to be Sandalwood and Ginseng. I remember feeling embarrassed when a new friend would come over. In hindsight, I essentially grew up in a perfumery! It’s funny how some things just take maturity to appreciate. Libido Vita is actually a formula of my mom’s that I keep in my every-day bag. The scent of magnolia keeps me grounded throughout the day. 


What lifestyle choices do you see yourself making in the future?

“I think I will always use recipes from my mom alongside the new methods I discover along the way. One thing I want to incorporate as I get older is prioritizing my sleep. I feel as though there’s always so much to get done, sleep becomes my first sacrifice. In high school my mom always indulged my over-sleeping on weekends (maybe once or twice on a school-day). Though the consequences were mine to suffer, I appreciated that she truly knew how much I needed that extra hour. 


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