Discover the Healing Power of Orgasms

Discover the Healing Power of Orgasms

What physically happens to the body when females orgasm?

Energy and blood build as we move towards orgasm. The intensity of free flowing energy (Qi) in the body builds with arousal from thoughts and physical touch. The increase in blood flow engorges the clitoris, labia, and vagina which excretes a fluid that lubricates the walls of the vagina. When the body releases the build up of Yang Qi we experience an orgasm and the pelvic floor and smooth muscle of the vagina contract. The receptive Yin energy fills the body with a feeling of deep relaxation.

Orgasms feel different for every woman and no orgasm is the same. The waves of sensation can be intense or as gentle as a feather, long and undulation or one single orgasm. 


Is there a difference between what happens during a clitoral and vaginal orgasm?

The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and can be quite sensitive and sometimes even painful. It has many parts and actually wraps around the vaginal opening.There are multiple was to have a clitoral orgasms depending on which area is stimulated. With clitoral orgasms people tend to feel a more concentrated and intense sensation. A vaginal orgasm tends to refer to an orgasm that is deeper with a whole body sensation. 

The vagina and clitoris are connected by pathways of nerves that enter into the vaginal canal which makes it hard to differentiate. I does’t matter what type of orgasm you experience the more important thing is to let go and explore the world that exists within your own body, the one only you can access. Learning to surrender to yourself builds a deep self-love.


Why are orgasms beneficial for our pelvic health? And what about our pelvic floor?

Orgasms help us maintain healthly tissue and regulate our hormones. Keeping our pelvic floor muscles toned is important for females throughout their life. Strong and flexible muscles hold up our pelvic organs, prevent prolapse, dramatically shift patterns of constipation, and help us maintain bladder control as we age. Mastery of these muscles also help us increase blood flow, increasing our physical pleasure, and awakening sexual energy and sending it up into our hearts.

The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles. Some of our pelvic floor muscles are also circular sphincters just like our mouth and throat. Opening our mouths and throats during sex allowing sounds to come out can help relax our sexual center connecting us to even deeper pleasurable sensations.  


Why are they beneficial for our mental and emotional health?

Orgasms open the door to knowing our deepest selves. They give us the opportunity to surrender.  It is rare that we find time in our high pressured, accomplishment driven lives to completely let go. When we stop controlling our outer world we can start receiving. The act of receiving is a Yin quality, it is very regenerative. 

When we surrender to an orgasm we send the message to our body that we trust ourselves, we are safe. Our sexual energy is the most powerful and regenerative when combined with the loving energy of the Heart. The more we can nurture ourselves the more powerful our ability to experience sexual desire will be. While orgasms are an important part of our sexual lives they should not be the only focus, there are many benefits to channeling the sexual energy created during arousal without releasing it.


What about for our skin? Can they have a benefit by regulating cortisol or oxytocin? 

Hormones are released with sexual activity. Oxytocin, the love hormone, increases when we give and receive touch, including nipple stimulation, intercourse, and is in charge of stimulating the release of all other sex hormones. Oxytocin peaks at orgasm. It helps protect our bodies from oxidative stress and by blocking excess cortisol. It is excess cortisol running through our body at night that can keep our mind awake but our body tired. 

Orgasms also release endorphins (the feel-good pain blockers), estrogen that increases our seductive mood and testosterone which is related to our sex drive. 

When Qi and Blood are flowing freely through the body our skin will glow. This is similar to a post yoga workout, however with an orgasm the rhythmic movement of Qi coming from the ovaries and uterus rise up through the meridians, through the breasts, and to the face. The deep relaxation relieves that tension held in the face and nutrients can start to circulate.


Can orgasms help us sleep better? How?

Orgasms release tension and stuck Qi in the body. They also increase the hormones oxytocin and serotonin that help us fall into a deep sleep post orgasm. 


What about for pain? Or stress? 

When we are aroused we let go of to-do-lists and reconnect with our body. Our relationship or perception of pain changes and our ability to perceive pain is diminished. Stress is felt when there is a build up of energy that can’t move, that could be in our mind or physically. That is why orgasms help relieve menstrual cramps. They are releasing tension similar to the way the warmth creates movement. 


Can orgasms do anything for immunity? 

Orgasms are good for your health. They decrease physical and emotional stress in the body while boosting circulation. The clitoris is connected to all the other glands in the body, stimulating it will help regulate hormones that are key to having a robust immune system.


What are some factors (both physical and psychological) that make it more challenging for some women to orgasm?

We need to surrender in order to orgasm. It can be hard to let go of control when our daily lives are incredibly structured. We have our own personal and family responsibilities, careers, mixed in with menstrual cycles and hormones that are influenced by our state of mind, diet, and environment. The pressure we feel around body image, a lack of security, and the internal pressure to continually evolve as conscious humans all adds up. It can be really hard to put ourselves first, quiet our mind, connect with our body and reach orgasm. 

Learning how to orgasm is mostly a solo journey. It is not one that is spoken about openly. There are infinite ways one can experience pleasure. It is very unique to the individual and can not be compared to anyone else. It can take time to discover what  brings you pleasure and it continually changes as we age. 


Any advice for those who struggle with orgasm about finding ways to self-pleasure?

Throughout your day notice when something catches your attention. This doesn’t need to just be a sexual energy. You hear a great song, it makes you smile, someone walks by with wearing a beautiful color or an energy in her step that feels free. Remember how that felt in your body, that is the beginning or your journey towards your own pleasure. It is was pleases you that will create arousal in your body. Where you put your attention energy will follow. We can send energy throughout our body and when you feels that spark again send it down to your genitals. The build up of Qi (energy) brings warmth and a tingling sensation. Learn to feel the sensation your body.There is no hurry, no goal. Imagine yourself to be totally free.

Another thing to try that might create less pressure is touching your breasts. There is a connection between our breasts and the clitoris. Our breast are connected to our heart center. Nipples and areolae are made up of erectile tissue just like the clitoris. As our breasts swell with Qi, our nipples will harden. Visualize and feel the sexual energy that has built up in your breast travel down to your sexual organs and your clitoris in particular. This awakened sexual energy will help increase sensitivity.

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