5 Tips to Awaken Your Sexual Energy with Chinese Medicine

5 Tips to Awaken Your Sexual Energy with Chinese Medicine

1. Polarity - Engage and feed the magnetic poles that draw us together. A playful tension is created in opposition and allowing this free flowing movement during sex merges the two into one. Yin and Yang are not separate, the are on a fluid continuum. Yang is fire and Yin is water.  Approach with the intention of playful entanglement not defeating your lover. 

2. Movement - Breathe: Lift arms above your head and fill the lungs with air. Opening the chest, deepens the breath, awakening Qi and receptivity. Kiss: When lovers kiss Qi moves into the heart. Gently bite and move your pelvis: Qi enters ones bones. Rub: the sides of the neck and inner ankles awakening the channels that pass through the body and stimulate the systems the the genitals and breasts. Moan - Qi enters the liver and releases the Shen (spirit). 

3. Smell - Gently apply an oil with aphrodisiac herbs to the neck and inner ankle to stimulate the senses. Dang Gui helps the body and mind feel soft, supple and receptive. Jasmine a fabulous aphrodisiac is a nocturnal flower that posses Yin properties awaking an inner desire. Both herbs are in our Libido Vita formula.

4. Sun - Expose your genitals to the sun and soak up the Yang energy for 1-3 minutes. This practice is best done in a private place outdoors or in a sunny window. Choose a place where you know you are protected from the energy of others and can therefore relax and absorb the healing and invigorating solar energy. 

5. Honor - Erotic desires reveal a path to connecting with the very core of who we are. Explore at your own pace.


photo: @denis-boulze thank you.

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