10 minute Breast Self-Massage

10 minute Breast Self-Massage

Massage has been a tool used for healing and to maintaining health in Taiwan and in Asia in general for centuries. In general, massage helps to move stuck Qi and promote the flow of Blood through the tissues. Healthy Qi and Blood flow are the keys to living a vibrant and balanced life. Not only does a few moments of breast self-massage greatly benefit your body these are also times when we stop, relax, and nurture ourselves.

Prepare your massage by washing your hand in hot water to jump start the flow of energy.

Place a small about of oil in your hand, of course we love Dr. Janine Mahon's Rejuvenating Breast Oil as the formula is designed to break up tension and nodules while also promoting healthy tissue, but any oil will do. 

  1. Start with a general massage of your breast, noticing any sore spots. Allow any thoughts and resistance to feeling your own breasts pass. When beginning to massage your breasts we can feel our own resistance to slowing down and letting go of our "productive and scheduled" lives.
  2. Now move to the center of your chest, on the breastbone between the nipples. Find the tender spot and gently kneed it. This is an acupuncture point called Shan Zong (Ren 17). It strongly calms the spirit, allows up to let go and inhale deeply. It is a powerful point to regulate the Qi (like energy) in the body, especially Qi in the chest and breast area. This is a point you can rub anytime you feel tense. Rub for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Move to your underarms, massaging the very center one at a time. This is the beginning of the Heart channel. The Heart is the Emperor in Chinese medicine and houses our higher consciousness. This point is powerful in that it can almost immediately help one regain their emotional balance. Excellent for long-term sadness and stress. Rub the tender spot on each side for 30-60 seconds.
  4. Move to the breasts and with both palms and sides of your fingers move from all directions toward the nipples. Massage for 2 minutes per breast.
  5. Massage breasts in circles. Start with massaging from the outside to the inside and then reverse moving. from inside to outside. Massage for 2 minutes per breast. At this point the breasts will feel warm and Qi will be moving.
  6. Finally, starting at the armpit rub down the sides of your body ending at your belly button. Do this 10-15 times. It will help your body release the toxins that were dislodged in the breast tissue and move it towards elimination. The flow of energy will be restoring, and your mind and body will feel more balanced.

While we can feel relief from doing this sequence once, it will be the continual self-care that brings lasting changes. Try doing this sequence 2 times a week.


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