Initial Virtual Consultation 

Dr. Janine understands that health goes beyond a session of acupuncture, lasting change requires a shift in lifestyle. There are simple adjustments everyone can make to make your aging process graceful and vibrant.

During an Initial Virtual Session with Dr. Janine time will be given to understanding your past health/lifestyle history, what concerns you currently have, and your goals moving forward. A treatment plan will be outlined that may include, seasonal and overall dietary recommendations, Chinese herbs, supplements, or continued virtual coaching.

Come away with simple steps that will guide you towards optimal health.



Follow up Virtual Consultation

Follow up sessions provide ongoing support with personalized recommendations as your health begins to shift. Continued support for diet, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle helps you to optimize your wellbeing. 



When in alignment you experience:

  • Optimal energy
  • Glowing complexion
  • Deep rejuvenating sleep
  • Balanced weight and muscle tone
  • Digest and absorb your food
  • Pain free menstrual cycle
  • Vibrant libido
  • Clear headed and optimistic
  • Balanced emotions


What you will come away with:

  • The knowledge of what foods to favor and/or avoid for your unique situation.
  • Chinese herbal medicine and supplement recommendations.
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • A sense of empowerment



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