Live like you are on a permanent vacation!

3 Week Private - Release the Grip of Stress and Anxiety! 

Have you ever wished you had someone by your side EVERY DAY to guide you through the rough patches of STRESS and ANXIETY? Wish fulfilled!!

Work Privately with Dr. Janine Mahon - Limited openings

This immersive life-changing, results-focused wellness program is created to address stress and rewire patterns of anxiety leading individuals to immediate and powerful change. 

This 3 week program is dedicated to shifting the harmful effects of anxiety and stress so you have your life back! This series is designed using the powerful secrets of Chinese medicine and proven techniques to rewire engrained patterns while focusing on stepping forward towards living freely each and every day. Through mindful movement, dietary therapy, powerful herbal formulas, somatic therapy techniques, Qigong, and ancient rituals, these three weeks will leave you feeling nourished and renewed.

What is included:

  • 3 Weekly Zoom Session with Dr. Janine
  • 3 Formulas delivered to your door 
  • Daily voice communication with Dr. Janine for support and guidance.
  • The opportunity to release stress and anxiety so you can LIVE free!


3 Private Sessions  (60 minutes via zoom) 

Your experience starts when you meet with Dr. Janine Mahon, on a private Zoom session where you will explore how you are experiencing stress, along with your daily food and supplement intake, self-care routine, what you’ve tried before, what worked and what didn’t. Using Dr. Janine’s unique background and expertise invisible patterns of stress and anxiety become visible. It isn’t necessary for you to understand where anxiety started. Understanding the interconnectedness between symptoms and daily life with a focus on giving you quick relief so you can calm down, feel supported, and feel energized again. Once you feel safe the body will unwind and profound change happens quicker. 

As the first session concludes you will exhale deeply knowing that Dr. Janine has your back. You won’t have to wait for a week to connect again. The connection with Dr. Janine has been made and now she is there for you. She will be available to you daily to offer guidance. You have someone gifted in holding space and guiding you through moments of fear finding a place where you feel supported and not alone. This is how your nervous system will feel safe and you can begin to rewire. 

Immediately you’ll start working with:

  • Physical Techniques and Somatic Therapies
  • Breath Work
  • Qigong
  • Ancient Chinese medicinal herbal formulas and diet
  • Voxer app where you can reach out having a direct connection with Dr. Janine anytime you need. 

Within 24 hours you will receive an email with an easy to follow program of recommendations that will encourage change from multiple directions. Working from multiple directions assures that your body has what it needs to let go of patterns of stress that affect your health. Nothing will shock your body, this is a gentle process that your mind and body will recognize as being safe and supportive. You will feel the layers of tension dissolve and increasingly more moments of joy start to appear.

Each week you will connect with Dr. Janine and progress through another stage. The consistency of care shifts cycles of stress creating new patterns instead of returning to your old habitual patterns. 

The Second Session - Week 2

Your second session will move you forward into the next level of change. With your nervous system starting to calm and your body being nourished through supportive the simple and very effectives practices you have already incorporated you are ready to move to a different level of freedom one that has previously been unreachable. Your tension has been falling away and now it is time to support your body in rebuilding from the patterns that have exhausted the system. When you finally let go of tension it is natural to feel tired, with tears of relief. This is where the true you is revealed. You will received new recommendations for building up strength, balancing systems that have been exhausted such as digestion, menstrual patterns, physical weakness or pain. You start to not only see but feel what is possible and you feel excited. Dr. Janine will prepared you with tools for transforming the moments when doubt enters. Bravo! 

The Third Session - Week 3

You may feel so good that you don’t even what to have the third session. This is where you solidify your new patterns. Instead of feeling sedentary you will be moving around engaging with new projects, appreciating beauty, looking forward to visits with friends, enjoying the feeling of dressing up for a lunch date, remembering things you love! Inspiration floods in and you may have the urge to move fast with your newfound energy!

Your face begins to glow, you naturally want to stand tall. Life becomes full of exciting possibilities! With Dr. Janine you will fine tune the new you with a diet and energetic exercises aligned with where you are now! They are designed to keep you in the flow and gentle bring you back into alignment when you veer off. A greater acceptance of yourself and your journey emerges. The self-love that emerges is your new fuel! You feed yourself now and don’t need the outer world to tell you how or who you are. You are free!!

Delivered to Your Door!

A few days after your first session you will receive a package in the mail, one that is especially formulated for you! The wrapping paper sealed with gold ribbon holds gifts for you! Even before you open your gifts you start to feel supported. 

Open the package to find:

Stress Relief formula: We have supplied you with three bottles. This offers you multiple daily doses, more that enough for your three-week transformation. Stress Relief is the support you need in a moment of intensity, it is a quick acting formula that offers relief from emotional stress and physical pain. After a few doses Stress Relief tension will dissolve in the physical body that creates pain while also releasing mental tension. The kids yelling in the backseat no longer push you to the edge, compassion for the slow driver in front of you emerges, and the to-do list doesn’t make you feel weighed down.

Custom selected Anxiety formula: A formula specific to your needs for anxiety. This formula will powerfully ease the grip of panic so you can breath and have the mental space to think through shifting the patterns. The weight on your chest begins to lift. The anxiety formula clears away the panic that rushes through the mind, grounding you so that you have the space and energy to then work on patterns of stress.

Libido Vita formula: A topical neck oil has powerful antidepressant-like properties. Encourages a deep sense of wellbeing. The formula brings together ancient Chinese medicinal herbs that when alchemically combined awaken the heart, activate the libido, and clears the fog that clouds our perspective.

Life Changing Daily Support

When going through times of panic in life it can feel embarrassing to go to your friends over and over with the same story, even though they love and support you! You may think “I feel like a broken record, this issue again!” Being able to reach out and vent a fear in a safe space helps to transform the root issue. We need community and heal in community. 

In today’s medical world it is rare that you are given time to feel heard. One of the unique gifts of this program is that you will have Dr. Janine there with you every day. Monday thru Friday you can reach out during moments of panic or a moment of important insight. By using the Voxer app you will be able to leave her a message and she will respond with a voice recording of support snd guidance.


Your NEW Life!

Anxiety starts to dissolves and a joyous laugh emerges. Tears of delight fill the eyes, the world feels beautiful and infinite. You can have it all!

With patterns of stress and anxiety broken and awareness flooding in you’ll feel:

  • More ENERGY!
  • Less physical pain
  • Freedom from anxiety and the ability to witness it from afar when it creeps in. 

    We know that panic can hold us back and that adds even more weight. The repetitive pattern of more weight, fear, digs a deeper rut in our brains and becomes hard to climb out of.

  • The ability to engage with life in a way that delights you!
  • Sleep deeper and stay asleep
  • Stronger immune system
  • Freedom from MENTAL TENSION can make us think about the same thing over and over using up our resources leaving us continually more depleted. With relief you begin to have more energy!
  • You finally take action on goals and dreams making them a REALITY!


Why Dr. Janine Mahon?

Dr. Janine understands firsthand the debilitating feeling of panic. She is passionate about helping others transform their pattern so they can live a more joyous life! Her unique ability to read the body reveals the path to healing and immense joy. She is known for her expertise in transforming patterns of stress and anxiety, balancing hormones, and vibrant aging.

She understand what it is like to feel a crushing weight of a panic attack on your chest. With every fear telling you that you are having a heart attack.

Dr. Janine grew up with her western pediatrician father after her mom and younger sister left when she was eleven. The intense amount of fear she felt in her 20's and 30's, combined with abandonment was rooted in the fact that her only way of feeling safe was to be sick. While stress and anxiety come from many directions it is the pattern that grips us…until we transform!

She has developed a unique way of combining Chinese medicine with other practices to not only release the trauma response but rebuild in a clear way that creates an inner power! A power one can tap into and ease the trigger response, no longer feeling like your life is passing by and you are wasting it. 

Dr. Janine is very proud of her ability to share with you all that she has learned so that you too can feel FREEDOM!! 

The Cost

  • Private Zoom Session: ($300 x 3) $900 Value
  • Formulas:  
    • Stress Relief ($32 x 3) $96 Value
    • Custom Anxiety Formula (3 weeks) $85
    • Libido Vita $48
  • Daily Voxer Support: 15 minutes daily Monday-Friday ($75 x 5 days a week) x 3 weeks. $1,125 Value
Total: $2,291
Package Discount: -$641
Program Fee $1,650


This is a program where you will be working with Dr. Janine daily. Therefore, because time is limited there are a limited number of monthly slots! 

To make sure you feel confident in taking the next step, Dr. Janine is offering 15 minute private calls. This is where you can ask all of your questions and find out if easing anxiety and stress with Dr. Janine is for you!

Yes, schedule my free 15 minute call.

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***Important. We want you to be confident in your purchase, that is why we are offering a 15 minute free call with Dr. Janine. Once you step forward making the commitment we guarantee you will have one of the limited slots with Dr. Janine. Therefore we do not offer any refunds once purchased.